Citizens Against Proposed Cecil Township Pool

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With all due respect to the petition requesting a pool in Cecil Township, this is a counter petition against a community pool in Cecil Township.  Knowledge of the expense, Cecil Township size, needs and nuisance issues were the motivators to reach out to others to not support this pool. 

Each signature represents being against the pool for one or more of the following reasons.

1. Outdoor pools are only usable 3 months out of the year depending on the summer weather. The summer of 2017 was devastating for outdoor pools.

2. These pools are expensive to maintain for usage only 3 months out of the year – the money could be better spent.

3. Most of the outdoor pools are no longer even open for the 3 months. Since schools let out later and start back earlier – there aren’t enough life guards to keep the pools open full time from Memorial Day thru Labor Day. 

4.  The expenses of building, staffing, insurance and maintenance of pools have become such an expense for many communities and many are dropping pools from their budgets. * see notes

5. Town Park pool is easily accessible from any of the Cecil Township communities.  There is no additional fee at Town Park for being a non-resident.  The daily rate for Canonsburg is $6.00.

            Summer pass

                        Family (4) - $180

                        Adult         -   $60

                        Senior        -   $55

6.  The expanse of Cecil Township vs local communities with pools.

Canonsburg is 2.31 sq. miles with a population of 8,878 (2016). Older kids in Canonsburg can walk to their pool

Washington is 2.95 sq. miles with a population of 13,514 (2016). Older kids in Washington can walk to their pool.

Mt. Lebanon is 6.08 sq. miles with a population of 32,475 (2016).  The Mt. Lebanon school district is a walk to school district, safe to assume older kids can walk to their pool.

Upper St. Clair is 9.83 sq. miles with a population of 19,813 (2016).  When they opened their rec center – their original plan called for township membership only.  In order to increase revenue, they had to open up the rec. center membership to the public.  The daily rate for the rec. center is $12.00. 

            3 month Seasonal rate            Resident               Non-Resident

                        Youth                          $192                            $251

                        Adult                           $278                            $347

                        Family                        $492                            $615

                        Senior                         $192                            $251

Cecil Township is 26.38 sq. miles with a population of 12,412 (2016). Very few Cecil Township kids could walk to the pool, so the parent(s) either have to be on vacation or not work to take them to the pool.

7.  There are already so many personal and community pools in Cecil Township, a great number of the residents are already serviced by a pool and would rather see their tax dollars go for other improvements in Cecil Township.

8.  Many seniors and those on fixed incomes do not want a money pit expense incurred that may eventually result in increased taxes.

*June 01, 2011

Mick Nelson, the facilities development director at USA Swimming, has documented a total of approximately 350 pool closings since 2009.

Stated reason in article – budget shortfalls

JULY 6, 2011 



Why suburban public pools cost taxpayers an extra $3.3 million (46 pools in 30 suburban park districts and municipalities analyzed)

Articles states due to necessary repairs, revenue not as expected due to weather or other conditions where pools are closed and other entertainment competition.

A quote directly from the article “But Mammoser worries that an arms race among suburban aquatics programs will only lead to higher taxes or neglect of other programs.

"If you try to keep up with the Joneses, then everyone becomes a Jones and you don't distinguish yourself, and then you can't afford to distinguish yourself in other ways," he said.”

In the interest of full disclosure, the petition writer does live in a community with a pool.