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Citizens Against Philadelphia's Sanctuary City

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Citizens Against Philadelphia’s Sanctuary City


Citizens Against Philadelphia’s Sanctuary City is a petition movement against Mayor Jim Kenney’s executive order on Philadelphia being a sanctuary city. “Sanctuary cities do not honor the requests of federal immigration officials to hold undocumented (illegal) immigrants in custody for nonviolent crimes”. For example, if an undocumented (illegal) immigrant were to commit a crime such as shoplifting, selling drugs, or even distribution of child pornography, just to name a few, the Philadelphia Police Department is no longer allowed to notify the federal authorities. This is exactly what a sanctuary city is defined as being in Philadelphia, should we as citizens tolerate this? U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is only asking that if the Philadelphia Police Department has arrested an undocumented (illegal) immigrant for a crime, that the department notify ICE and allow them up to 48 hours to take the criminal off the department’s hands. President Donald Trump has already vowed to urge federal law makers to withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities such as Philadelphia if the policy is not reversed or corrected. Mayor Jim Kenney has now placed the city of Philadelphia and its citizens in jeopardy of loosing millions of dollars in funding that support services such as education, health care, housing, and more. Is it worth it to the citizens of Philadelphia to loose funding in order to protect undocumented (illegal) immigrants who commit crimes in our city?    

Citizens Against Philadelphia’s Sanctuary City is calling on all the citizens of Philadelphia to say “NO” to Mayor Jim Kenney and his policy on Philadelphia being a sanctuary city. We are asking all individuals no matter what sex, color, creed, or race; no matter what political party or affiliation; all members of labor unions; all of the City of Philadelphia’s communities to rise up in common unity to bring an end to such a disastrous policy. The mission of this movement is to gain enough support behind it so that we may urge all local elected officials (city and state), particularly those in the Philadelphia City Council and in the Pennsylvania State Legislator to fight the Mayor’s sanctuary city policy. This is a movement with one singular goal and that is to bring an end to the status of Philadelphia being sanctuary city.  It is not the intention of this movement to take to the streets in open protest, our form of protest will come on election day when we vote against all those who did not support the request of this movement.

Citizens Against Philadelphia’s Sanctuary City is not an anti-immigrant or nativist movement. We do not encourage hate, discrimination, or bigotry towards anyone or any group, in fact we condemn it. We have nothing but respect and admiration for immigrants who come here in the legal manner, who serve in our armed forces to keep our nation safe, who work hard to build a better life for themselves and their families, and who contribute to make the U.S.A. the great nation that it is. No person should collect any funds on behalf of this movement, we are not asking for money all we are asking for is your voice and your vote. If you would like to support us just do any of these things: sign the petition; donate your time; give us a like on social media; spread the word to family, friends, and coworkers; or call your local city council member’s office, your local state representative’s office, your state senator’s office, even call Mayor Jim Kenney’s office and say “No” to Philadelphia being a sanctuary city.  Please remember that our democracy will only fail us if we allow it to.      

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