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“Citizens against Officials Violating the Law”
Global Day of Action! “December 13, 2010”
“We the People, United demand Constitutional Integrity, Responsibility, and Accountability of All Officials who represent the Laws of the Lands wherein They Reside—GLOBALLY.”
Dear Concerned Citizen,
Thank you for taking a stand with us on August 27, 2010 during our peaceful demonstration in Washington, DC as “Citizens against Officials Violating the Law.” Further thanks are extended to you for signing many of the Global and Nationwide petitions for this urgent call to action, and for your commitment to taking the urgency of this action a step further by sending us your completed and signed petitions which were sent to your various State, Local and Federal Representatives. We thank you.
As many of you know, the responses from many of your Representatives acknowledging receipt of your concerns are now surfacing. Therefore, we must continue to work tirelessly toward our goal.
As we proceed further with greater focus to our goal and until we obtain the results sought after, we must continue to be encouraged.
That said, please STAND with us again on December 13, 2010 for our GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION! As “Citizens Against Officials Who Violate the Law” we must for the entire day, turn it up a notch and take the next step in our process by taking a moment to CALL, FAX and EMAIL OUR/YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVES on this day! If you are unable to reach them by phone, fax them, if you cannot fax them, email them, but by any means CONTACT THEM! We’d prefer if ALL 3 forms of contact were utilized. We fervently want to let them know “They are being held Accountable for and have become partners with officials who violate the laws of the land wherein they reside, if they do not take action concerning this matter-GLOBALLY!”
If you have already received a response from your Representative, please contact us and let us know of all physical responses you’ve received and what actions he or she plans to initiate regarding the urgency of your concerns. If possible, please scan in and email your letters to us at
Also, after you make the calls on December 13, 2010, please email us and share with us the details of your call. Please be sure to get the name and position/title of the person who took your call.
Thank you for your unrelenting CONSISTENCY, PERSISTANCY, and PASSION as a concerned Citizen against Officials Violating the Law, who refuses to be ignored or settles for bureaucratic excuses.
Project: Rise Up
To contact your State Representative here is a link that will provide you with their name and contact information:
If you do not see the number right away do not give up, search the entire page. It is there often-in very fine print at the top or very bottom of the page
Alternatively, you can dial your states information number and get the number directly from them if you know your State Representatives Name, which can also be found by using the provided link above.
Here is a script you may follow when you call your State Representatives:
(Please be polite and courteous)
Hello, my name is (state your name), and I am a concerned citizen against officials violating the law. During late August and up to the early part of November of this year, I emailed and snail mailed you a letter that raises the issues of the Judicial Bias of Judge Charles Ashley Royal of the middle district, 11th circuit court in Georgia. On January 19, 2004, Judge Charles Ashley Royal, of the Middle District of Georgia, intentionally ordered civil workers to participate in a trial which was held on the federal holiday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This is a violation of public law Section 2-98-144, along with Title 5 USC § (subsection) 6103, which resulted in the conviction of an innocent man, Dr. Malachi York. It was a modern day lynching!
I am calling for two reasons:
1. To advise your office that Dr. Malachi York is an Official Consul General of the Republic of Liberia and is now a “Prisoner of Conscience” being held in captivity and tortured in the modern day Alcatraz, “Florence Super Maximum Security Prison in Florence, Colorado.
2. To address the violation of the federal holiday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., an action that blatantly makes a mockery of the nobility of Dr. King who dedicated his life and the lives of his loved ones to justice and equality for all. NOT TO MENTION THAT JUDGE C. ASHLEY ROYAL BROKE THE LAW!
As a concerned TAX PAYING citizen of the United States of America, I insist that an investigation be launched and corrective actions be taken with regard to these issues and I want to know what my state representatives’ plan of action will be.
Please do not become long winded as it will take away from the sting of the call and annoy the listener who will be receiving these calls for the entire day.
Also, be kind, thank the listener for their patience, and let them know that you expect some form of acknowledgement from your state representative beyond an impersonal email that does not address your concerns. Be sure to offer them your name, mailing address, phone number and email address. Please remember to get the name and/or position or title of the person who took your call.
**Remember, after you’ve made your call, please email us, and share your results.
Thanks again for your diligence regarding this matter




This past "Awareness Month" was recently instated this year in order to recognize the importance of the violations of a great day - Martin Luther King Day!  A peaceful march and demonstration took place in our nation's capitol to bring attention to the violations of MLK's Federal Holiday, as well as commemorate the "March on Washington that occurred over 40 years ago in 1963! Many concerned citizens gathered with our organization on August 27, 2010.

There were other demonstrations that day that the media preferred to focus on, still those of us that gathered did what we were there to do and showed the world that WE WILL NOT BE SILENT ANY MORE.

Please continue to sign this petition and pass it on to others, it's the only way that we can RISE UP together to let OFFICIALS KNOW THAT THEY ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW.


Thanks for continuing to support this great cause.



Net-Hetep Ta'Nesert

Project Rise Up Rep.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
On August 27, 2010, Project: Rise Up hosted a peaceful demonstration and rally in Washington, DC. The event commemorated Rev. Martin Luther King Jr’s Freedom March on Washington, in 1963 and endeavors to renew a concrete, measurable commitment to civil and human rights in America. Many concerned citizens gathered with us as we rallied in our nation’s capitol to bring public awareness to the ongoing issue of police brutality, prosecutorial misconduct, wrongful convictions, and other injustices within our judicial and criminal justice system by way of corrupt officials. As well, we are still reaching out to our community to ask that you make a firm commitment to support our campaign to address those who have violated the federal holiday of Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We are focusing on reclaiming his dream. The desecration of the legacy of the late great Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s dream and Federal Holiday must not go un-charged.

As most are aware, Dr. King worked very hard to secure civil rights in the United States and just prior to his assassination, diligently worked on a human rights campaign. In 1986, the National Holiday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was established and as the law points out, this day, as with all other federal holidays must be upheld, therefore, the closing of public libraries, post offices, schools, businesses, local, state, and federal governmental agencies should be closed. It is the law. Even the stock market closes on this day; however, many have ignored this public holiday by continuing to open schools, businesses, and now a federal courtroom while a trial convened. Judge Charles Ashley Royal of the 11th Circuit Court, in the Middle District of Georgia, held trial court on MLK’s Federal holiday. Judge Royal chose to openly violate public law (Section 2 98-144, along with Title 5 USC § 6103) and blatantly made a mockery of the nobility of a man who dedicated his life and the lives of his loved ones to his dream of egalitarianism.

To that end, we are inviting you to continue to stand with us in support of our newly launched “Citizens against Officials Violating the Law” Campaign. The rally/demonstration aims were to raise the issue of the brutal beating of 15-year-old Brandon Johnson by way of corrupt members of the Indianapolis Police Dept. The murder of 7-year-old Ayanna Jones who was shot and burned to death by members of the Detroit Police Dept., and the Judicial Bias of Judge Charles Ashley Royal of the middle district of Georgia, who intentionally chose to hold court open on MLK’s Federal Holiday, as he executed his modern day lynching of Rev. Dr. Malachi York. Additionally, we will focus on ending racial disparities within the criminal justice system while highlighting the ongoing human rights violations occurring within our current prison systems. In conclusion, we will confront the constant issue of racial profiling which continues to plague our communities. As concerned citizens, together we can strive towards a better future, a future that rings of justice and equality for all without bias or hidden prejudices. Thus, we must insist on change within the current systems of government, a government of the people, by the people, for the people!

The campaign officially launched the awareness month during August 2010, and the fulfillment of the event marked the eve of the historic Freedom March on Washington in 1963 lead by Dr. King and signified our continuing commitment, in remembrance of his struggle, his movement, his dream, and his legacy.
To support and/or participate in helping us to raise awareness, you may sign our petitions, contribute, and/or purchase a fund raising item. Most importantly, continue to stand with US.
Stand up and make a difference so that we can begin to repair the ongoing breach of justice that permeates throughout our nation. One day can make the difference.
For more information go to:

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