Renovate useless and waste empty space to achieve maximum benefits use of spaces.

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The site is located in Makkasan where the airport link is built. The controversial problem with this site is the space under the airport link is left unused due to high rise buildings are forbid. For that reason the space becomes waste space.

The reason we chose to scrutinizing through this site is because all of us have a common vision to develop a waste space into public space where people come to interact. We believe that one problem in Thailand is people having not sufficient space to interact with each other in person. Therefore, we would like to propose solutions to this site in order to transform the site into a more lively and useful shared space.

After researched on different projects similar to this case and analyzing through the site we see potential within the site. The site location is located in a crowd area however it is just a pass by. This pass by offers an empty, wide open space without activities. This makes the area useless and not even exist in people routine although they have to pass by everyday. Thus, we would like to propose to use this waste space as a center of activities inviting people who pass by into using them.

For example from different cases we have researched through, highline Manhattan, klong teoy,Thailand and Cheonggyecheon restoration project,Seoul Korea. 

  • Starting with high-line, Manhattan New York (High - Line Park) is the project in Manhattan New York, which has an aim to bring green into the city. Due to it’s having an occupied hardscape within the city, they then solved the problem by bringing green spaces to the top of the building. By doing this had lowered down the percentage of hardscape in the city.
  • Klong Teoy (Slum, Football), The second case is the waste space within the slum area located at Klong Teoy is being design as a football field. This is to encourage unfortunate people into sweat than addicting to drugs.
  • Cheonggyecheon Restoration Project, Seoul (damaged high way into a urban park), Seoul is also a green-less capital filled with hardscape such as highway. The project is proposed called Cheonggyecheon restoration. Since the highway was severely damaged. Therefore, they took it out and change the space below into long garden for people to walk and jog.

These cases have inspired us to suggest such activities, football field, garden and playground into waste space at Makkasan. In conclusion, we separated this space into different zoning which collaborated together into a center of activities. There will be sweat zone(football, extreme sports, dance practice etc...) Relax zone is the garden and park. Kids zone is the playground and lastly event zone where there will be temporary market for instant the art box. With this proposal we see that the waste space will be recognized and become a part of people routine not just a pass by. It will transform into a shared space where people pass by and stop to rest and interact with one another.

We believe that by transforming this space, the quality of public space in Thailand will rise as well as people get to be a part of the community once again.

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