"BIHARI" is an emotion and not just another "MAZAAK"

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I am a proud BONG raised in Jharkhand. I have been raised with people from all over the country and mostly with the people belonging from different regions of Bihar. Being tolerant to any sort of fun/pun intended has been our culture, may be because of the upbringing to stay humble irrespective of what we are or what we have become in due course of life. This region is known for brithplace of two other beliefs Buddhism and Jainism followed by the world's oldest University ever since the existence of Human Being. It also is the birthplace of mathematicians like Aryabhatta and Vatsyana. Yes, If India is the birthplace of Kamasutra, then, you are probably inheriting your capability to perform in bed due to the enlightenment of Vatsyana. It is also the second most important state to churn out UPSC officials in the country. Well, that's the heritage. Present day scenario: Yes, people hailing from these part of the country have occupied a lot many local jobs by migrating to different states of the country. It is also evident that quite a chunk people from this part of country are infamous for the crimes and controversies. However, it still doesn't mean that you will start calling every guy who doesn't fit according to a certain criteria as BIHARI. It doesn't mean that you will just address any one as BIHARI or any other region specific term who is humble and not try to behave like a Macho. You cannot call any one BIHARI just for Fun. You cannot call anyone BIHARI just because he has migrated from other stated. You cannot call BIHARI just because the way he speaks Hindi is different. BIHARI IS AN EMOTION AND NOT JUST ANOTHER WORD FOR FUN. PLEASE UNDERSTAND. As much as I am a proud BONG till date, I would also be a proud citizen from India from Bihar/Jharkhand. Thank you.