Help us save the Church in the Gardens Nursery & UPK School!

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As the parents of current, former, and future students of the Church in the Gardens Nursery and UPK programs, we are asking for your help to save this wonderful program which the Board of Trustees advised could be voluntarily closed as early as May 1st. The 40 students enrolled in the program face a disruptive and abrupt end to their school year, leading to irreparable damage to the school and church’s reputation in our community. We strongly believe this situation can be quickly and easily fixed with the support of the community, the church, and the parents. 

 The School’s Director, Pauline Elliott, resigned on March 19th. Despite the 40+ days that have passed since her resignation, the position remains vacant in violation of the requirements of the Department of Health and Board of Education. This resulted in a violation on April 20thand a requirement to attend an administrative hearing, where the Board needs to demonstrate good faith efforts towards fulfilling the director position. This must be done by May 2nd to prevent additional fines and violations. Parents have attempted to contact the Board to advise them of qualified candidates thereby preventing the need for a closure, yet it takes days to receive a response or no response is received at all. A current parent, with all the necessary credentials, had volunteered to fill the position to prevent any closure or future violations and she was told that it would be a conflict of interest and she would not be permitted to fill the spot temporarily.   We are aware that the Board has received resumes from several job postings and yet, to our knowledge, no candidates have been contacted or interviewed.  

 The Church in the Gardens Nursery School has been a staple in our community since 1980 and provides significant funding for the church.  If the school were to close, the church would be deprived of this revenue and the reputation of both the school and the church would suffer for years, even if eventually reopened. 

We believe this school can thrive and continue to grow if the position of Education Director is filled. We understand that the Board of Trustees have full time jobs and in the past have not been directly involved in day to day operations of the school, but there is an identifiable solution; we should not be looking at a voluntary closure by the Board. We parents are ready to help this program and our community and would be happy to take on the role of actively forming a search committee and creating a more beneficial reorganization of the school, but we do not have that authority. We need your help. 

Please sign (and share!) this position to let the Board of Trustees know that this is a valuable program in our community and we will not sit back while they refuse to take action, or invest the necessary time, to take steps to save our school.  We will not sit back while they disrupt our children's education before the end of the school year, or create chaos for parents who were committed to attending in the fall and are now desperately seeking for alternative options.  This is an incredible program, with exceptional teachers and a loving community of children and parents and we want to make sure it remains as part of our community for many years to come.  Thank you!