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Stop holding money in customer bank accounts that doesn't belong to you!

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Currently, gas stations have started putting holds on funds in the customer's bank accounts when they purchase gas. This amount is typically $75 ON TOP of the amount you purchase in gas. For example, if I purchase $50 in gas it will prompt a HOLD for $125 in my account for many days without my knowledge and I am unable to use these funds. These companies have not posted that this is what they are doing and apparently this is legal. I want them to STOP holding money that isn't theirs! If they can hold $125 then why can't they just put a hold on the amount of gas I purchased ONLY!
This is a HUGE issue for those of us that live pay check to pay check because  you are on a tight budget and every dime is used for the week for gas and groceries. So if I only have $150 in my checking, I can't go fill my tank for work for the week, then stop by the grocery store to purchase my lunch foods for the week because I am going to be declined at the grocery store because now I only $25 in available funds ! This is bad for those single mothers with infants that are working hard to feed themsleves and their babies and they need to use their last few dollars for gas and baby formula and they stop for gas first, then afterwards they are declined at the grocery store for buying the baby formula because the gas station has held every last penny they have! And it has taken as much as FOUR DAYS for the "hold" to drop off the account. Do you think that baby can go FOUR DAYS without food becasue the gas station has immorally taken that money! How is this legal without notice and authorization? Why is this being done? Is our economy doing so well now that we can afford to give gas stations an extra $75 to "hold" for a week and risk bouncing checks, automatic drafts and paying fees for each one! NO! I can honestly say NO! We are not doing soo well! And this isnt helping! So far in my area the gas stations that I am aware of that practice this policy are Citco and Shell! How many more gas stations are doing this and causing people to bounce house payment checks when Americans are trying not too lose their homes in this economy!!

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