Sensitivity Training CISF Staff at Indian Airports to Manage People with Disability

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“What do you mean you cannot walk? You have to stand up for security check. Stop doing drama!”

I use a wheelchair, and this is not the first time I have taken a flight to travel. On 9th September, I was travelling to Mumbai from Delhi’s T3 terminal, where I surrendered my wheelchair at the check-in counter.

I specifically told them staff that I cannot walk or stand due to a spinal cord injury that happened in 2006. They were understanding and assigned a porter all the way to my seat on the flight.

When I reached security, one of the CISF women started forcing me to stand up for security checking. When I told her I couldn’t walk or stand, she started making a scene. After being told incessantly to stand, she refused to believe me.

“That girl is so melodramatic, she’s unnecessarily doing drama. She can obviously stand.”

This is the second time the CISF has been insensitive towards me and my disability. Even the porter that was assigned to me was trying to explain that I cannot walk or stand and she was being rude. Is this how you treat people with disabilities? There is an urgent need for the CISF staff to undergo sensitivity training on how to interact with people with disabilities.

When I wrote to the CISF about this, I received a positive response from them on the idea of these sensitivity training sessions. CISF personnel has already been given training last year in soft skill, that is on how to speak and behave with passengers at the airport. This additional sensitivity training will be a great step towards inclusion and sensitivity at airports

Sign my petition asking CISF to conduct sensitivity training for all CISF staff at Indian Airports to manage people with disabilities.

Join me in making our airports inclusive for all. Let us all travel with dignity and encourage CISF sensitivity so we can #FlyWithDignity.