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Cirque Du Soleil: Please don't open the Harrods Winter Sale on Wednesday 26th December!

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Cirque Du Soleil is a very ethical company, which doesn't use animals in their circus acts.  It's therefore very disappointing that they've agreed to open the Harrods Winter Sale, on Wednesday 26th December.  Harrods sells fur, and they are the only UK department store to still sell it, every one of the hundreds of other department stores in the UK has a fur free policy. This includes all of Harrods' rivals such as Harvey Nichols and Selfridges.

The last survey at Harrods revealed a wide range of real fur garments on sale on display throughout the store, and included items made from beaver, chinchilla, red fox, arctic fox, mink, musquash, rabbit, wolf, coyote and squirrel.

The production of fur is illegal in the UK on ethical grounds. The farming of animals for fur was outlawed in 2001, and the leghold trap has been illegal for over 50 years.

Fur is also very unpopular with the UK public, with opinion polls consistently showing around 90% of the UK population opposed to the use of fur.  A ban on the sale of fur in Harrods would be very popular.

On fur factory farms, many thousands of wild animals are forced to spend their whole lives crammed into small wire-mesh cages. These terrible, unnatural conditions inevitably cause suffering and cruelty, including severe physical injuries as well as psychological damage leading to stereotypical behaviour such as endless and pointless pacing and circling of the cages, and harmful behaviour such as cage biting, self mutilation and the killing and cannibalisation of their cage mates.

Animals on fur factory farms are killed by methods such as anal electrocution, gassing, drowning, strangulation and even by being skinned, whilst still fully conscious.

Other animals killed for their fur are trapped in the wild using "leg-hold traps", These steel-jawed devices crush the animals' bones, and they can spend hours or even days in agony before the trapper returns, and some will bite off their own limbs in a desperate effort to escape, only to die later from shock, disease or blood loss.

We are therefore asking Cirque Du Soleil to re-consider their decision on this, and to decide not to open the Harrods Winter Sale, on Wednesday 26th December.

If they do open this sale for Harrods, then there will be a peaceful protest outside Harrods, from 9am to 10am, on Wednesday 26th December.

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