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"Lock em up leigh" OFF BENCH NOW !

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My family has been strongly effected by "lock em up leigh " my niece got pregnant and put in childrens village ( where she spent 90% of her pregnancy) at 15 all in agreement that it was irresponsible of my niece to have unprotected sex and become pregnant . when family found out , there was a demestic dispute and 911 was called . in which my niece was charged with "domestic violence " over a simple arguement involving my niece's pregnancy. When my niece was put in childrens village she was drug tested ( she smoked pot before finding out she was pregnant) and brought BACK into court for violation of court orders in which Twila Leigh sentanced my niece to a "mother and me" program .. But how does my niece get a violation of dirty drug screan WHILE IN CHILDRENS VILLAGE . SHE ALREADY HAD MARIJUANA IN HER TIME OF ARREST . SO HOW WAS LEIGH ABLE TO SAY IT WAS VIOLATION. NOW this has led to my niece being threatened to confinement until 19 years old . she currently has a 9 month old son and is a great mother and her son loves his mom very much ! On december 7th Leigh plans to place my niece into ANOTHER 1year program ..all over a arguement and her already having marijuana in her system . my niece has been incarcerated for 20 months . THERE are major drug dealers , thugs , violent offenders whom do less time than my niece currently has ! My niece is slowly giving up on all hope in life and becoming instutionalized THIS IS NOT RIGHT ! This is completely beating my niece down at this point my niece has never ben in ANY trouble before this . NOT even a police report with her name in it ! .. LEIGH HAS HAD A STRONG REPUTATATION AND BY FAR FROM A GOOD ONE . SOMEONE NEEDS TO STOP THIS PERSONAL POWER TRIP THIS LADY IS ON . I WILL CONTINUE TO SPEAK UP FOR MY NIECE . I REFUSE TO SIT BACK AND LET THIS BE "OKAY" .....US AS PARENTS AND FAMILY HAVE GOT TO BE VOCAL! GET OFF THE BENCH LEIGH. I have requested a investigation into Referee Leigh's possible involvement in what is known as a "cash for kids" scandal. Also multiple complaints regarding misconduct and unlawful proceedings and the refusal of multiple rights. Rights violations I have addressed are: The right to fair and separate trials. The right to trial. The right to be represented. The right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment. Along with misconduct ranging from perjury, forgery, and slander. Her deceit and tampering has caused and led to severe repruction and devistation. I am also starting a VICTIM SUPPORT EFFORT GROUP FOR VICTIMS OF REFEREE LEIGHS ALLEGED ABUSE OF POWER and will continue to never give up until I know no other families will be that victim. WE ARE NOT POWERLESS.

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