A demand for improved facilities at Cineworld Dublin and the end of customer neglect

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We, the undersigned, are unhappy with the long term management neglect of Cineworld Dublin and demand that increasing prices are matched with improved facilities and better services. Specifically we take issue with:

  • The poor condition of the various cinema screens and call for all screens to receive the same kind of makeover that was afforded the IMAX screen.
  • The ridiculous amount of time taken up by trailers and advertising that result in movies being played over half an hour later than their advertised times.
  • The bizarrely slow queue times at the popcorn counter.
  • The poor state of toilets, in particular the weak hand dryers and non-existent water pressure.
  • The excessive prices charged throughout the cinema, from the cost of Unlimited membership to the cost of food and drink.
  • The fact that when things break, like they did recently when the escalators were out-of-order, they are not fixed within a reasonable amount of time.
  • The general grubbiness of fixtures and fittings such as the worn and smelly carpets/upholstery.
  • The absence of contactless payment options at the ticket counters and the inadequate number of functioning self-service ticket machines in the ticket hall.
  • The lack of 2D screenings in screen 17 ...because not everyone wants 3D.

In the interest of continued customer loyalty we call on the management of Cineworld Dublin to address these issues immediately, and to stop taking Cineworld's Dublin customers for granted.