Get Cineworld Cinemas recycling their waste

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I have worked at Cineworld for almost 2 years. We use plastic trays and pots for our nachos, cardboard holders for our hot dogs, along with cardboard boxes and pots for kids meals and ice cream; plastic cups for sweet treats, ice blasts, alcohol and food, plastic coffee stirrers, glass bottles, and so many other recyclable items in massive amounts on a daily basis. None of this gets recycled. Not a single thing. I am calling for Cineworld to be held accountable for the amount of waste they are sending to landfill and for a proper recycling scheme to be introduced by the company for all its branches. 

I would also like to call for them to go greener as a company by stopping the use of plastic straws, cutlery and stirrers, and switching to other green alternatives where possible!