The Full & Immediate Release of "Boy Erased" into all Canadian Cinemas

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One of Boy Erased’s primary goals is to spread awareness of conversion therapy so that no household in North America remains ignorant of the fact that nearly Americans & Canadians have been subjected to conversion therapy and tens of thousands of Americans and Canadians are currently affected by this abusive practice.

Yet, despite the history of conversion therapy in Canada, as well as it's ongoing practice across the country, the film has yet to be released on any scale across the country. The global impact of this film's release around the world has created an important momentum- a momentum that Canada is missing out on.

As a queer Christian myself, I have seen first hand the devastation this kind of "therapy" has on people. This film will play an important role in opening people's hearts and minds, drawing them into the campaign to see this barbaric practice ended.

Please join us by advocating for the full and immediate release of the film in theaters across Canada. Thank you!

For more information on "conversion therapy", click here.