Reverse the City Councillors Decision on selling Alcohol at Cineplex

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Back in December of 2019 Cineplex put a request into the city council of St John's Newfoundland and Labrador asking for permission to sell alcohol in the Avalon Mall Theatre. This has caused some outpouring anger and some were in agreement with this. This was supposed to be Voted on by the 11 Councillors on monday January 6,2020. It has Got postponed to find out more on how it going to run and stuff like that.

Monday February 3,2020 has come to a vote on this matter and the vote on this was 9-2. I wanna Thank the 2 that voted against this Motion and they are Deputy Mayor Sheilagh O’Leary and Councillor Wally Collins thank you for your time in hearing from people and also for doing the right thing. For those who voted in favor are these 9 nasty people are the following: Councillor at Large Debbie Hanlon, Councillor At Large Sandy Hickman, Councillor At Large Dave Lane, Councillor at Large Maggie Burton, Councillor Ward 4 Ian Froude, Councillor Ward 3 Jamie Korab, Councillor Ward 2 Hope Jamieson, Councillor Ward 1 Deanne Stapleton, Mayor Danny Breen.

It is very sad this has turned out the way it did. I know Debbie Hanlon very well she is my step Aunt. Debbie Hanlon Brother Paul Hanlon has been in jail many times over the years and many of my cousins from the Hanlon side are known to be drug users and alcoholics. So this is not a shocker to me at all. But Please Remember to not Vote these 9 Nasty Councillors back in after they are completely destroying the city of St John's of Newfoundland and Labrador bit by bit. These 9 Councillors have nothing to do then destroy every Family Friendly place there is. They should be working on cleaning the sidewalks and making areas safer instead of changing  years of Traditions or destroying Every Family Friendly place there is.

WE the People of St John's Newfoundland and Labrador can't allow the city to be destroyed by these Councillors much longer. We need to take Action and stop them  in their tracks from Destroying every Family Friendly place we have. We have heard that Mayor Danny Breen is running to seek a second term as Mayor. We Can't Afford another 4 years of His plans he has to be voted out now. 

The Cineplex in the Avalon Mall Theatre has made a very bad move, and the City Councillor's of st John's Newfoundland and Labrador has also made a bad decision Why?

1) we have the highest Alcohol consumption  and not enough Recovery centers on the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Please check this fact sheet out for yourself : ( This was released on Tuesday June 25,2019)

2) There are very Few i REPEAT A VERY FEW places where family can spend time together and get away from the Drinking scene. Now this is out of the Picture.

3) The City Councillor's are Promoting that we can now allowing under age children that under the age of 19 to attend bars and not have to find baby sitters. Congratulations way to go NOT. The City Councillors are doing the very opposite what what they should be promoting which is Don't Drink and Drive that not the case anymore folks.

4) Lots are bar fights are now going to happen in the Cineplex in the Avalon Mall Theatre another place where children are not going to be safe anymore. You Can  Thank the 9 Councillors that voted yes on this. This is going to cause some real Headache for the Police like there is already enough going on downtown George street. Police you can Thank the 9 Councillors for extra work that they decided to give you without you having a say.

5) The 9 Councillor's that voted in favor in this has no compassion for People that are in AA ( Alcoholics Anonymous) that are trying to make their life better but now they can't even walk in the Movies anymore cause as you are first in recovery they are told to stay away and cut people that are drinkers and places that sell Alcohol. Way to Go Councillor's You made the wrong move and just Care about yourself's Once again this is proven my point. Folks even The 9 Councillors can't even go to a movie or any Family Friendly place for a few hours without some Alcohol right. shame on them that Sad Bottom Line is Shame on them.

Please sign this Petition and let show the city Councillors of St John's Newfoundland and Labrador what We the people really think about their latest Move and only going to not get their votes to stay on Councillors in the next election. Do Not Forget that the Other moves that they don't really care about is the hotel on top of the Atlantic Building that was a bad move/ Changing the New year eve fireworks from 12 am January 1 to 8:00 pm December 31 like WTF/ Also Rawlins crossing changes that are becoming more dangerous every day you can Thank Councillor Debbie Hanlon for that one. There so Many more things to add but these are the Latest moves that we all need to think about.