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South Asian Films in Cineplex

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On July 12th, 2016 Cineplex pulled Kabali from GTA theaters and banned South Indian films on a whole across the GTA. This was due to three separate incidents during South Indian Films showing. These serious incidents was said to be executed by a couple of competing theaters in the GTA that only distributed Tamil and Indian films, after seeing a decline in their sales. 

As Cineplex offers promotions such as Scene Points, Half Price Tuesdays and overall a better theater experience with their larger screens, impeccable surround sounds, and comfortable seats, etc., Cineplex became the obvious choice to view movies. By creating repeated commotions, they encouraged Cineplex to ban the viewing of all Tamil movies, subsequently hoping for a spike in their ticket sales. 

All incidents caused a panic in all of those viewing the movie as well as the staff and those passing by Cineplex. Emergency personnel were called to the scene and the theater remained closed for some time before it was deemed all clear. 

As a result, South Asian communities are now at a double disadvantage—not only do they have to pay a higher price to watch a movie but they have to watch it at a theater that definitely does not measure up to the standards offered by Cineplex. 

Movies definitely play a huge role in a person’s life—whether it be a documentary or commercial. They display different interactions, traditions and dialects that encourage people to learn. But it is unfortunate that these theaters do not have a standard ticket price as they vary depending on the movie and language. ‘Big budget movies’ starring more popular actors are featured at a significantly higher price, especially the first week it hits the theatres. This itself is unacceptable and should be regulated. This may deter the younger generations and/or larger families from enjoying a night out watching a movie in their mother tongue as they may not be able to afford the tickets. I mean, Bahubali 2 (a much anticipated movie of 2017) hit the theaters and tickets were sold at a striking price of 30$ per person the first few days, dropping down to 20-25$ the following week and to 15$ the next—tickets are normally 12$ at these theaters for a movie. As a result, they will be less likely to learn and see our heritage, culture and language.

As a member of the South Asian community I am really sorry for the actions by fellow members of the same community and I can vouch many other's feel the same.



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