Allow Indian movies to be played at Cineplex South & Windermere!!

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For the past 7 years, all Cineplex locations have not allowed any Hindi, Punjabi or South Indian movies to be played at any theatre except Cinema 12.

The majority of the demorgraphic going to watch these movies has a 34-45 minute commute. In the winters, it is nearly impossible. In addition to the commute, the theatre is also very unhygienic, unclean and recently had bed bug allegations. 

The showtimes are limited plus there are no options to choose numbered seating and usually certain individuals charge in leaving people with no option but to come another day. 

This is not done in any other city. Cineplex, why the racial profiling? Play the movies in all locations convenient, especially now that that there is a numbered seating system in place!



please sign this petition so we can actually enjoy going to these movies and watching them without having to worry about bed bugs crawling on us!!!