Withdraw Exhibition of the Film Padmavat in India

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A Petition addressed to

Cinema Owners & Exhibitors Association of India
42,43, 1st Floor, Vijay Chambers,
Opp. Dreamland Cinema,
Tribhuvan Road, 
Mumbai - 400 004.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We the undersigned petition your association to call upon your member exhibitors to stop showing of the film Padmavat made by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, based on the case listed hereunder.

Why Hindus are Against "PADMAVAT"

The following points have been compiled based on the review of movie by Historian Kapil Kumar who was in the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) committee. He has clearly established that the movie is a complete distortion of History and dangerous for the unity of Indian society.

1. Padmavati (Not Padmavat ) had the dream sequence of Romance between Khilji and Padmavati as per Kapil Kumar any one can observed it was removed later on.

2. Padmavat without the valor of "Gora Badal"
Whether jayasi's padmavat or any bard creation. The story of padmavati is incomplete without the contribution of Gora and Badal in the story !
Rather being paying tribute to the valor of Gora and Badal this movie sensationalizes Khilji's first wife (who has nothing to do with the story historically)

3. Not Gora Badal but Khilji's first wife was the Savior of Rani Padmavati and Rana Ratan Singh!!!
(Looks like he wanted to add his own secular angle to the movie. No respect paid towards the valor and sacrifice of Gora and Badal. With the release of this film it is probable that their bravery and existence will be made absence in the minds of majority.)

4. Padmini never went to Delhi in any version of her biography but SLB took her to Delhi Durbar too. Remember that Padmavati is worshipped as a Goddess in #Rajasthan , #Gujarat and #MadhyaPradesh. so if it does not matters to you,but it can pinch the sentiments of many.

5. SLB's Padmavat also has Ekta Kapoor's Saas Bahu Masala . The First wife of Rana Ratan Singh has been portrayed as the real villain in the story who sends Padmini to Delhi to save Chittaur.

Who to blame for the present tensed situation spread across the country.:

1. Anti-Hindu Indian Media
Which continuously has depicted the protest by AAM Admi as protest of 'Karni Sainik Gundas'

2. State / Center Politics ( indecisive towards the screening of film )

3. CBFC thier historian panel review drama and forceful release of film. Without even taking concerns of learned historians.

4. The feeling of Suppression amongst Rajputs and other protestors in which Media, Center Government ,SLB productions and CBFC are the major contributors.

5. The much venerated Indian Judiciary which otherwise takes selective suo moto cognizance of security issues but somehow fails to empathize with lakhs of people protesting.

6. All those "Indians" who boast about diversity of cultures across the country but would choose a few hours of entertainment over protecting that very fabric of culture diversity. All Indians somehow have a vision for a single Indian culture and rubbish anything which doesn't suit their (western influenced) rhetoric.

Your social responsibility

As the association consisting of exhibitors of films as members, it is your solemn responsibility to not glorify and romanticize invaders like Khilji via the open license to attack Hinduism obtained by sundry secularists like Bhansali under the pretext of free speech. There may be many crackpots like Bhansali exercising their right to free speech, a good example being the porn industry, but that does not mean the civil society accepts and colludes with such anti-social elements. No parent in his/her right mind will allow exhibition of pornography to children, no matter what the advocates of free speech have to say. Similar is the case for not showing the movie Padmavat, which is no less than a piece of secularist ideological pornography.

Today Khilji, Tomorrow Kasab?

We the undersigned ask of you this question in order to get your position cleared. Would you exhibit a similar work of another crackpot filmmaker, who makes a movie on Ajmal Kasab, that shows Kasab invading the city of Mumbai on 26/11 - to find "love" in that city? Would you?

There is no ideological difference between Khilji's invasion of India, and Kasab's invasion of Mumbai - only the time and scale differs. Khilji's invasion of India had the singular motivation of hatred for Kufr and complete elimination of Kafirs. Lusting for kafir females is built into the theology that both Khilji and Kasab followed - as enshrined in the Surah Al-Muminun (23:6) and Surah Al-Maarij (70:30) - theological award of the fruits of sexual intercourse with "those whom one's right hands possess" (female slaves) which the Jihadi is entitled to. Such a view on Kafir females cannot be conflated with normal man-woman love and romance. Any romanticization of female slavery is nothing short of vulgar pornography which much be opposed and eliminated from the public current. Hence the demand to stop exhibition of the film.

Thank you.
The Undersigned.

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