" water / food stuff - price unauthentic in mall and cinema house "

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food items in cenima hall pvr  are too over priced .one already pay high for ticket then whay food item are over price . 

eg : 2 ticket roughly  cost 500-600 rs  in additional to it if u take a popkon pack and a cold drink it cost you 500 rs. on top of it water bottle is sold in 50 rs a ltr . 

can some body control this unauthentic loot of money / 

insted since ticket are over priced food item shud be at low price then normal market .

either controlling authorities shud change price to nominal or ppl shud stop eating which watching movie ... they can have before movie or after outside pvr area so they can have food in normal rates..

join this change as much as ppl as can 


to all ppl whi are having bills of pvr food items kindly share on 


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