Repeal San Diego Unified's new grading system

Repeal San Diego Unified's new grading system

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Recently the the San Diego Unified School District has changed their policy to a system where our grade is 100% based off tests. Here is a segment from the AP bio syllabus that states the new district-wide grading policy:

"Academic grade will be computed from summative assessments such as but not limited to lab reports, projects, quizzes and exams. Revisions for summative exams will be offered within one week from the distribution of the original exam score for a replacement grade of no higher than 75%. To be eligible for revisions you must have completed all formative (homework and classwork) assignments that led up to that particular summative assessment."

This effects ALL students, AP students, advanced students, normal students, honors students. Here are all the ways that this would affect us:

1. Homework gives us extra points that can help us stabilize our grades

2. We are students and we understand it is our full time job, but we also play sports, have stress, and need to spend time with family and friends to stay healthy. Making tests 100% of our grade will make us more stressed as is

3. Deciding to implement this during online school when we are already having difficulties with our learning is NOT a good idea. Learning online is very difficult as is and adding a new grading system on top of all this is ridiculous

4. Tests don't always show true knowledge, there are other ways that we can prove our knowledge. We (the students, parents, and possibly teachers) are not saying that tests aren't effective, just that 100% tests, are not. Tests such as the SAT have been revoked because potential colleges have seen that they do not show how smart you are. So if tests don't necessarily prove someone's intelligence, why make it 100% of our grade?

5. Us students have worked very hard , stayed up late, and stressed about assignments just for them to all of a sudden not count. Without assignments worth a grade, students will stop doing their assignments and therefore do bad on tests. Points are a positive reinforcement for doing assignments (being that it can improve your grade).

6. Since tests are weighted so much and we don't take tests often, we don't have as many opportunities to raise our grade. We need assignments (that count as grades) in order to raise our grade as well as to learn the material properly. 

7. Many of us aren't the best test takers and don't think our test scores should define our overall grade. 

8. If this hasn't convinced you, then if our grades go down, the San Diego Unified School District's rank/grade average will go down.

These are just some of the reasons we (students, parents, and teachers) think that this new grading policy will harm our students. In conclusion this new grading policy will harm our grades, mental health, and free time.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!