Austin Shelter let my reg. dog go to owner from yrs ago. We've had him for the last 10.

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Please help me!!!!!!!!

Yesterday in Austin, Texas , a couple PICKED UP A BOSTON TERRIER FROM THE AUSTIN ANIMAL SHELTER AND TOLD THEM HE HAD BEEN MISSING FOR 8 YEARS AND TOOK  HIM because the old chip number connected to them somehow even after years of us having vet visits, grooming, everything we've done, WE'VE HAD THAT CHIPPED SCANNED OVER 20 TIMES WITH NO SUCCESSFUL CONTACT EVER BEING MADE. AFTER10 WHOLE YEARS!   They had been scanned some me time that a veterinarian finally said that we could be switched over to the owners because we have had him at that point for about 6 years. Yesterday at the shelter, even though my brother in law went up to them 5 minutes before I arrived as they were leaving it him, tried to have a civil conversation and said that his brother and his family had had this dog for the last 10 years and cared for him, taken him to the vet,  groomed him, loved him with all of our hearts, treated him like a family member, and you just ignored him and walked off,  If  you are this person, a family member or friend, or even know the person that may have done this, out of the kindness of your heart would you please at least contact our family so that we can try and work this out civilly out of court because we are the family that took care of him for the last 10 years and we don't want to have to take this to court because that's ridiculous, but we will. We also have paperwork from Emancipet stating that we are the registerd owners of this chipped dog with the same chip number that they used to pick him up with after they  left him abandoned so many years ago and were unable to be reached with the information on the chip then. 

This petition is mostly for anybody and everybody who would, in this situation, feel as heartbroken as we do because we are actually appalled that the shelter called these people 1st , especially after they even looked into their system and saw that we were in fact registered to this chio number for the last several years. They were unable to give us any contact information for the people who picked him up. They said they called them and left them a message and gave them my number but wouldn't let me stand there to hear the conversation even. So I actually don't know what was even said. All I want is for this to be spread around so that we have some sort of chance of Maybe getting him back. I'm also looking into a civil court suit once I find out who these people are through public records. Thank you so much and please sign and pass on through your Facebook or whatever social media outlet you use.


Sincerely, Cindy Gomez.  512 940 2762