Menstrual products to be more accessible at Cabarrus County Schools

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In Cabarrus County Schools, when girls get their period and do not have access to menstrual supplies, they are forced to: 

A) Ask their friends or teachers for supplies

B) Buy the supplies from the machine in the restroom 

C) Go to a nurse's office and obtain one 

My group and I feel as though this is unfair, given that women do not have the choice to when they have their period, or whether or not they have access to the products. The poverty rate in Cabarrus County is 11% and families grouped in this percentage may not be able to buy products for their menstruating girls. Title I students may also not have equal access to menstrual products. Even girls with families over the poverty line may not have equal access to menstrual products and might be too embarrassed to go to a nurse to ask for a tampon or pad. 

We would like to see these products, which are necessary for girls, be more accessible. We propose putting a designated bin in the women's restroom to hold products so girls do not need to worry about asking for a product when they do not have one. 

Thank you for looking into this idea and we think it would greatly benefit the students in Cabarrus County Schools.

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