Seniors at Cinco paint their whole parking spot.

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We the rising of seniors of Cinco Ranch ask that we be granted the privilege of painting the entirety of our parking spots on campus. This has been done at various schools across the state like, Carrol Senior High School in Southlake and James Bowie High School in Austin. By allowing us to paint our whole spot in color, students would be given an opportunity to express themselves and an unique senior experience. Due to the increased recognizability, this would also mitigate the issue with students parking in the incorrect spot.

With the new school policy regarding reserved parking, we recognize that this request may create an issue. To combat this, we suggest that if the paint is not removed, via power wash, at the end of the year a fee of $X should be owed. We also do believe seniors should have the option to choose to only paint the small maroon box if they choose; We only ask for the opportunity to paint the entire spot if desired. Additionally, the school should not be responsible for providing paint nor supplies beyond the white paint. Students should also be required to submit a detailed sketch of their design to ensure appropriateness.

We believe this would be a colorful addition to students senior year and provide a vibrant addition to our parking lot. We thank you for reviewing our request and hope you take it into consideration.