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Save our 2.5!

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There is widespread speculation that CRHS is planning to implement a combined 1 hour lunch-advisory period called 'Mega-Lunch' in the upcoming school year. 

This kind of change would lead to several problems. First, if A, B, and C lunches are condensed into a single lunch period, as is currently planned, the main cafeteria would have to host 2500 students in a facility that can barely support the 800 that use it everyday. Even with an hour-long lunch period, there is no way that the main cafeteria could effectively handle the volume of students. Students lucky enough to make it through the lunch line wouldn't be able to find a seat anywhere, forcing them to spread out across the school and leave a trail of trash in classrooms and hallways. 

At the same time, getting rid of 2.5 would be disastrous for students that depend on it to study, work on classwork, and attend meetings/tutorials. For students who don't have a ride to and from school other than the bus, 2.5 provides one of the only options for them to get extra help that they need. Combining this with an overcrowded lunch period could end up forcing them to choose between passing a test and getting a meal. Additionally, it also provides a well-needed break between morning classes that helps students start the day off right.

Most importantly, no students have ever asked to get rid of 2.5. It's always been a popular part of the school day for us, and while having different lunches can be frustrating when you're not with your friends, it's never been a serious concern. Any future changes should start off with student input-- that's how we avoid haphazard ideas like 'Mega-Lunch'.

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