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Support Quinlivan's motion filed on behalf of the Permaganic Eco Garden


Permaganic and the Eco Garden are grateful to be at the table negotiating with the City of Cincinnati Dept. of Community Development and the Northpointe Group, (development group for Citirama(R). To support the discussion that occurred today, 3/4/13, where the two abovementioned agencies spoke in favor of the Eco Garden remaining at 1718 Main St., we are asking that City Council pass the motion filed by Laure Quinlivan, as follows. (Note: Permaganic would like to ask for one adjustment, that is, that we are not concerned with Citirama looking for additional sites. We are happy to work with this group, to integrate into their plan; and they seem open to creating a symbiotic plan which meets the whole community's needs). It is in the best interest of the whole community that a plan incorporating the existing neighborhoods' values continue to be strived for, until all parties who care about the highest use of this site reach a consensual agreement. This requires a willingness to come to the table with creative decision-making skills at the forefront of our group consciousness. Again, thank you to both parties for meeting with Permaganic/Eco Garden, we look forward to the possibility awaiting Cincinnati as we all move ahead, united, toward a community which is stable in the long-term. We are grateful that both the City of Cincinnati and Northpointe Group (Citirama (R)) care about the Eco Garden, and want to incorporate us into the future plans for the Hughes St. Infill site.

Letter to
Laure Quinlivan's Office Cincinnati City Council
Vice Mayor Cincinnati Roxanne Qualls
Please support Laure Quinlivan's motion filed on behalf of the Permaganic Eco Garden. We would only make adjustment to the motion, which is, that we do not ask for Citirama to look for other sites. We are grateful to Citirama for extending a hand in support of the Eco Garden remaining on its current location, permanently. We would ask that City Council approve the motion in all other respects. We also urge the members of council, and Community Development, to create a legal contract which supports the Eco Garden remaining on the site at 1718 Main for its current purposes, as a youth garden outreach to the community.

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