No to Zone Change Requested by Cincinnati Children's Hospital

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Stop the Destruction of Another Cincinnati Neighborhood

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Photo of proposed hospital- proposed to drop into a residential neighborhood.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital is requesting a zone change which permanently closes portions of Erkenbrecher Ave. and Hearne Ave in Avondale in order to build a massive hospital wing & parking garage. This development wipes out a large portion of houses and includes no plans for the remaining homeowners who will be left behind to endure 5 years of construction. The community was not involved in the planning of his massive development, it was done behind close doors with the help of a few of our current elected officials. Reporting the plan in community meetings is not involving the community and is not acceptable.

This Goliath development cannot be isolated to the need for a new hospital tower. The greater impact on the further destruction of a vulnerable Black neighborhood must be in the forefront.

  • YES to listening to the vote of the Community Councils recognized by the city as the voice of the community.
  • YES to a Health Impact Study Assessment Study (Google to see how these studies aid massive developments)
  • YES to  transparency which involves residents in planning massive developments for our community
  • NO to demolition of Avondale homes for corporate expansion–over 300 homes demolished to date and families displaced
  • NO to the deceptive purchasing of property for hospital expansion
  • NO to pollution caused by daily traffic gridlock on our residential streets contributing to “20 years less life expectancy for Avondale Families” and high Asthma rates *Source Cincinnati Heath Department
  • NO to higher property taxes for homeowners due to the Gentrification of Avondale