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Petitioning Cincinnati City Council President Pro-Tem Cecil Thomas and 7 others

Cincinnati City Council: Extend equal partner benefits to all city employees

As a leader at Johnson & Johnson, I served on the task force responsible for extending equal partner benefits in 2000. More than a decade later, the city of Cincinnati still denies these benefits to some of its hardest-working employees.

Cincinnati City Council Member Chris Seelbach has introduced a motion to study the possibility of implementing equal partner benefits for city employees. Eight out of the nine members of the council have signaled support for this effort.

Cincinnati City Council will soon vote on whether or not to actually extend equal benefits to city employees. This is important because all families should be treated fairly, whether they are lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender or even heterosexual and choose not to get married.

But it's also a critical step in bringing our city in line with other major employers, including our own Procter & Gamble, as well as Kroger, Fifth Third Bank and Macy's.

Almost all cities Cincinnati's size already offer these kinds of benefits, as they've realized how important it is to stay competitive in attracting the best talent for city jobs.

I urge you to stand with Council Member Seelbach and let city council know you support this crucial step for fairness and equality.


Ryan Messer, Cincinnati Resident and Johnson & Johnson Affinity Group Chair

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Cincinnati City Council President Pro-Tem Cecil Thomas
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I urge you to support Council Member Seelbach's ordinance to extend equal benefits to city employees. Not only do I believe this is the right thing to do -- as an issue of fairness and equality -- but it will also be good for business.

Almost all cities the size of Cincinnati offer these kinds of benefits. Further, a vast majority of corporations already offer equal benefits, including our own Procter & Gamble. Johnson & Johnson, for example, extended equal partner benefits more than a decade ago.

Please support this important ordinance so the city can stay competitive in attracting the best talent for city jobs.