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Cincinnati City Council and Citirama(R) Development entity: Preserve the Eco Garden in a land trust for the neighborhood's children


The Eco Garden at 1718 Main St. has been a positive place for neighboring children since 1998. One of the longest-running Urban Agriculture sites in the Queen City, this site has provided over the years a stable "sense of place" for hundreds of inner-city youth, and maintained a zone of peace where people from varying socio-economic backgrounds can interact for the common good. Including the Eco Garden in the future development will not only maintain the fabric of our long-standing community, but will allow for the incoming residents of the development to participate in the rich cultural mosaic that they move to the inner-city for. As the homes will be LEED certified, the demographic purchasing these homes, right across from the Rothenberg Garden School, will already be those who make green and socially-conscious choices. Moreover, the Eco Garden is in a perfect location to provide its summer and afterschool programming to students attending Rothenberg, allowing them garden access all year round. We want to help Cincinnati really fulfill its potential as having one of the top three "Green Plans" in the country!

Letter to
Laure Quinlivan's Office Cincinnati City Council and Citirama(R) Development entity
Vice Mayor, City of Cincinnati Roxanne Qualls
We hope you will stand with us in creating a legal structure to hold the Eco Garden in a Land Trust for the children of OTR, Pendleton and Mt. Auburn. The Eco Garden is important to the lives of many Cincinnatians, young and old, and should be preserved on its current location as a resource for the community. We know a creative revisioning of the design of the new development can create more greenspace, better community interactions, and a healthier direction for Cincinnati in following its own brilliant "Green Plan". People who buy "LEED" certified homes across the street from inner-city garden schools(Rothenberg) are the same demographic who support positive community-building initiatives like the Eco Garden. May the cultural roots and the green-ness of our life-giving neighborhood family-tree grow deeper as diverse groups in our community put their heads together over this dynamic, unique creative project.

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