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Pericarditis testing for Children and Teens.

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My son nick passed away May 11th 2016 after he went into cardiac arrest because he had pericarditis ( fluid on his heart) . My son was seen at Adams county regional medical center may 9th having chest pain and feeling fatigued and wheezing my mom took him in where they let him sit for 4 hours not once did a doctor check him out or listen to his chest the nurses took his vitals they did xrays and a ekg and then the doctor decided from that my son had bronchitis and gave him antibiotics and cough pills and when they were discharging him they checked his vitals and his blood pressure had dropped low but they said it was ok and discharged him by the next day my son started running fever and was wheezing worse and light headed and his chest hurting worse we tried getting him into his family doctor and they wouldn't see him because they were over booked so we had to continue with the antibiotics and cough pills then by the 11th my son couldn't walk hardly was sleeping alot and wasn't eating and still very wheezy and chest pains and fever .I rushed him to Cincinnati children's hospital where my son went into cardiac arrest and never came back they tried 45 mins to revive him. So I'd like to get doctors to 

A. Do testing for pericarditis in children and teens when chest pains involved.

B. Have hospitals do more tests when a child is having low blood pressure and chest pains. A ecg could have saved him

C. Doctors take more time to understand a patient's condition and complaints not just blow them off.

D. Give every patient the care they deserve regardless of medical insurance held or not having any at all.

E. Doctors be trained to know even children and teens can have heart disease or heart problems and how to properly treat them.

If i can save even 1 child suffering from pericarditis and save another parent from the pain of losing a child then its worth it. Pericarditis is fluid around the heart and i had never heard of it before my son passed away i feel there's just not enough knowledge of the disease and we need to bring this to others attention and make sure children and teens are tested for this because no child should be shrugged off and let down by health care facilities. 1 test could have saved my only son a ecg and a high dose of ibprophen he would be here. Its completely treatable. But that hospital that doctor failed my child. 

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