Stop CIGNA from cheating it's customers and hurting families.

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Cigna has turned our family's lives upside down.

In early 2015 while enrolled and covered under Cigna health insurance we received our membership cards, our statement of coverage and were happy to be officially insured since  we were in the thick of family planning and were taking the steps needed to ensure we had adequate medical coverage. Soon after, in May of 2015, I entered the hospital and found out that I had a very stubborn Placenta Previa.  I was having very serious bleeds and was admitted for the duration of my pregnancy (with a few brief discharges only to return due to the severity of bleeds experienced at home).  Before being admitted however, we called the number on our insurance card to request approval for a long-term stay just as we were instructed to.  We were approved.  With that approval, the weight of our very emotional situation was slightly lifted knowing that we were covered. We had what appeared to be a long road ahead but were comforted by the fact that Cigna assured us repeatedly that we were in good hands. After two brief discharges, I subsequently encountered several more severe bleeds necessitating yet another hospital visit. We, again, called for approval for my long-term stay to be reinstated and it was approved.  

After the second stay, the hospital decided it was not medically sound to risk releasing me again as my condition was considered to potentially be life-threatening for both my unborn child and myself.  With that news we understood that I needed to be under observation.  I remained in the hospital from May 15 to August 13 at which point we were told we were still being covered and that there were no issues regarding my coverage.  I was ultimately released after delivering a beautiful and healthy baby girl. A short time later we received and paid a bill totaling $658.00.  Cigna had paid my medical bills at their discounted rate and our family paid the totality of our deductibles and all out of pocket expenses. We were grateful to have our health and new daughter. Unbeknownst to us, a short time later Cigna requested a refund from the hospital stating, "patient is no longer eligible for benefits". Bear in mind , Cigna had accepted months of premiums, approved several stays, issued membership cards and proof of coverage. Now, for reasons unknown to us, The hospital refunded Cigna all of its money and claims we now owe the hospital $106,255.00. An unimaginable sum to a small family with a single wage earner.

We never heard from Cigna again. No explanation, no documentation, no calls, no emails.  Once pressed, they rejected our calls, transferred calls to "nowhere", claimed to have lost files and simply denied us the ability to dispute the charges.We have never been told exactly why or how they can do this.  We paid our premiums for both myself and my daughter for months, and were repeatedly assured they had our family's best interest at heart, yet and they still shirked their responsibities.When the going got tough Cigna simply jumped ship and abandoned its customers leaving us with crushing debt. Had we known they would drop us as soon as the costs mounted with zero justification, we could have taken other routes, we would have done anything in our power to avoid this, but we were insured and why would we think otherwise.

Now, we are experiencing extreme stress and uncertainty.  We are out of options and they won't offer any answers.  I have spent hours trying to get through to them.  The way they have handled this issue is shocking.  It is incredibly disheartening that a company can take your premium payments, guarantee your coverage several times in writing, take their deductibles and then discretely request a refund from the hospital behind the backs if its customers only to leave a new family with the bill.

Shame on Cigna for thinking we would roll over and accept such deceit.

We are a young family just starting out.  We are living by the rules and trying to provide a decent life for our child.  We can't achieve this with this insane debt looming over us.  The hospital payment plans are too high for us to afford at close to $4,000 a month, we can't afford a settlement because they want 70% in cash which is still in the $75,000.00 range.  We most definitely don't have that lying around.