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SHS Eagles Robbed of Div. 4-A CIF State Championship

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We are a small town with a big heart. Our heart was stolen from us yesterday due to the CIF "All Star" officials incorrectly calling a caught pass as an incomplete pass. Not calling the Milpitas team for blatant offensive pass interference which resulted in a fluke touchdown. Furthermore, to add insult to injury the referee lets the call stand without any discussion or consultation with his crew of officials chosen to officiate a State Championship Game. A game of such a lasting magnitude just can’t be allowed to be decided by such a gross level of incompetence.

Our community is a tight-knit community that has been previously devastated by loss of industries and economic recession and we are trying hard to rebuild it. Our county consists of a myriad of professions from migrant workers to doctors, but what unites us the most is Friday Night Football! 

Our children work hard and we are tired of our children being overlooked because we don't reside in a larger metropolis and can't afford some of the luxuries other students have readily available. 

We are asking that the Jerry Schniepp, Commissioner of the Executive Committee CIF San Diego overturn the officiants ruling on the plays and allow that these kids who worked hard all year get their fair chance to compete against their opponents without having to also compete with the "All Star" officiating team. 

 Pass Interference At 1:11 you witness robbery

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