Save Trees & Avoid Accidents- Change the Approach Road to Water Terminal Behind NRI Soc.

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CIDCO is building a Water transport terminal jetty behind NRI Seawoods complex, Sector 54-56 , Nerul, Navi Mumbai. which is good welcome project.

However, the present Approach road to the water terminal shown in the project design is planning to use an already existing and highly used road in front of the DPS school. Also CIDCO plans to cut 100's of Tree's to extend the present road. 

This road is used by the 1500+ NRI complex residents and 3500+ School children, 400+ teachers Parents who come to drop kids, the school buses and other vehicles. At present DPS school is also center for many exams and state exams, due to which there is always traffic at the present service road. During peak hours of school in the morning 7 – 8am and 12- 2 pm, the road is fully jam every day. There is no parking place, no place to walk. Some extension of road should and can be done to improve existing conditions, however such commercial use will totally collapse the situation.

If this road is used for the water terminal, Ro-Ro services, it will be a chaos and a possible danger for all school kids (Age range from 4 to 17yrs.)  use this road extensively. The Ro-Ro services will add approx. 600-800 cars, 100’s of two wheelers, Trucks and walking people.

Our Sincere Appeal and Suggestion:

Please Do Not Use this road for the approach of this commercial use for the water terminal. There is a Possible alternate route available which is even more suitable, and direct. That will avoid Tree cutting and also reduce traffic at this School juncture which is already accident prone. Please see the attached Alternate route available shown in the Google map.

You can always use this existing road as an Emergency route for evacuation if required. We hope that this Water terminal will grow in use as the city is growing.

We appeal to CIDCO  MD, NMMC Commissioner , Chief Minister of state to please Intervene and Help the School Children and SAVE TREES.

Thank You.

Jayant Hudar

Navi Mumbaikar