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Walking downtown in Englehart, Ontario early this afternoon, I noticed someone reading a notice at CIBC. I stopped to see what this notice was all about.

In short, in November of this year, they are going to close the CIBC branch location in our small town. They are going to leave us bankless in less than a year and want us to travel pretty much a half an hour away just so we can do our everyday banking.

That does not seem like everyday banking to me and isn't that one of their mottos?
It definitely will not be that. With the way gas prices are now and how expensive it is getting, it might be once a week, or even twice a week. 

People have lives and jobs and they can't spend a half an hour one way, do their banking, and then spend another half an hour to get back. People work until 3:30, 4 p.m., or even later, how are they going to do their banking and be able to talk to anyone before the branch in New Liskeard even closes. People also have families as well and this is a lot of time taken away from families with newborns or helping out with homework, etc.

A lot of these people are senior citizens, they might not have transportation or are able to get to New Liskeard as easy as other people. How do you expect them to get to the bank and actually talk to someone about things?

Going onto the CIBC website, right in the top lefthand corner beside the red and yellow logo are the words "Banking that fits your life." This is banking that absolutely does not fit our lives. This is banking that seems like it fits the big corporation's lives and not the every day consumer's life.

CIBC, you are making an absolutely big mistake in closing the bank. You are not only affecting the lives of the average person, but you are also affecting the lives of all the business owners that rely on the bank every single day.

Please CIBC, don't shut the bank down. #saveEnglehartCIBC