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Chyna and Jada Law

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“Chyna and Jada Law”
After multiple threats, phone calls, and stalking, merely a week before the shooting, on June 7,2011 Sherry Yokum, the mother of Chyna Young, filed a restraining order for Chyna against her ex-boyfriend Patrick Guillory in hopes of the protection for her daughter that the law was to provide. Chyna graduated from Louisiana Technical College her senior year in high school with a CNA and also graduated with honors from Crowley High School in May of 2011, and at the time she was a few months pregnant. She had planned to move to Lake Charles and to start attending McNeese University study nursing in the fall of 2011. In the early morning of June 14, 2011 not only did Chyna’s life but her family’s lives changed.
Accompanied by Lawrence Babineaux, Patrick went to the home of Chyna and her mother Sherry Yokum around 3:30 in the morning on June 14. Lawrence knocked on the front door and after Ms. Yokum opened the door Patrick forced his way into the home fighting with the mother. Ms. Yokum screamed for her daughter to run. As Chyna ran out the house so did Patrick, chasseing and shooting her four times, once in the arm, twice in the back, and the last shot hitting her neck paralyzing her from her neck down. She was rushed to the nearby American Legion Hospital being listed in a critical condition. She was then flown to Lafayette General Hospital and then later to TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston where she began physical therapy. She had to use exercises to help her relearn basic skills such as trying to breathe on her own without a respirator, eating, and instead of using her hands she had to learn to use a mouth stick as much as possible. Five months after the shooting she gave birth to her gorgeous baby girl Jada Ma’ Rae Faith Young on October 17, 2011 at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. Her baby was three months premature but quickly began to grow strongly and healthy. Chyna was not able to physically take care of Jada; she had to watch the nurses take care of her child. The only thing she wanted more than anything was Jada’s wellbeing and to get the chance to play with Jada. Jada was Chyna’s everything, her joy and strength. Nine days after giving birth to her baby girl, Chyna had to leave to return back to TIRR for her rehabilitation. Her social worker, Kristen Soudelier, thought of trying to connect Chyna and Jada by using the application of Face Time on a pair of iPads. Chyna used her iPad and mouth piece, Easter Seals donated, to see her baby at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital while she was at TIRR. Around Thanksgiving Chyna’s mother, Ms. Yokum was able to come home to Crowley, Louisiana with Jada weighing a little over five pounds. A few months later in January, Chyna was able to finally go back to Crowley, but she had to be administered into a nursing home because she required too much care to go back to her mother’s home at the time.
Through it all, Chyna was very strong and positive, and had love and support from her family, friends, people that barely knew, and some that she didn’t even know her at all but who heard her story. Chyna was loved; she knew it and was very grateful. On a facebook status she wrote on January 19,2012 she says “When I sit here and think about my life and how it changed, I've come to realize that I dnt regret doing what I did on that night...if it takes me to be paralyzed for the life of my baby girl then I don't mind! GOD kept me here to share my story and to spread his good word. If it wasn't for my trust and faith in him, idk where I would be right now. The devil tried to take my joy but GOD gave me life and a MIRACLE baby... Jada we both came a long way. Ily bbygirl! Thank You Jesus! #Blessed!” It was not about her anymore, she matured into an adult and mother in one. The love she had and still has for her daughter is unconditional. Giving up her life for her daughter was nothing to her; she would have done it again and again and again. “She wanted Jada so bad, and wanted her to be healthy. I think she struggled for Jada all along” Kristen Soudelier says to Jeannie Kever during an interview.
Even after all of this Chyna still was not giving up, she moved forward every chance she got. Using her mouth piece and computer she applied for online classes at McNeese University and changed her major from Nursing to Criminal Justices. Surprising her mother by asking for her W-2 to see if she qualified for finical aid, she was accepted and was living her life the best way she could. After seven months in the hospital she never gave up, she was still pushing. And on January 20th you can find another status stating “I hate when these so called "Women" complain and always say they don't have tme or can't go to skool, well damn I'm paralyzed and I'm managing to go to skool and plus my therapy these "Girls" need to get their ishh together and get yours because nobody will just give it to u!#speakin to these young chickaz.”. She took responsibility for her and her daughter to make a life and future anyway she could.
Continuing exercises used in Houston she was doing much better, breathing on her own and eating. Hopes and prayers went out to Chyna and her family but a month after being back home she caught pneumonia and passed away on February 22, 2012 at American Legion Hospital. But her story and spirit lives on with us today. She just wanted the chance to live her life, raise her cupcake as she calls her daughter, and to make a difference in the world. Out of these three wishes one can still be made possible if we allow it and help her spirit to continue to live on. Tell her story and help pass the “Chyna and Jada Law”
People always ask the question “why do bad things happen to good people?”, but you have to look at the fact that in return it goes both ways. Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people; and inversely good things happen to good people as well as bad things happen to bad people. When “bad things” happen to someone, it is nothing but a wakeup calling to that person or the world in one way or another. Most of all to that person it Is all about their faith, test of faith that in knowing everything will be okay and there is some reason behind the situation that they are going through. God allowed Chyna to say a good bye he did not just take her that night. The whole progress of her getting better was a test of faith and strength for her. The most valuable thing was to see her family members and to meet her baby girl, Jada Ma’ Rae Faith Young, which was her strength and inspiration to get better and hopes to one day walk again. The death of what we would call a “good person” was not the end of her story, but it was an action to help make us realize that something is not right and it must be changed! Her bodily “death” was to open the eyes of her mother, family and friends and world that the “restraining order” is nothing but a piece of paper as her mother and many others would say. “That restraining order is just a piece of paper, nothing more. There needs to be a law saying that if a person makes a threat after receiving a restraining order they should be picked up by police.” Ms. Sherry Yokum states in an interview done by Howell Dennis. A restraining order is supposed to be a judicial order to prevent an event or a situation from becoming worst by a person or persons until a decision is reached by a judge. The people the order is against is not supposed to come into contact with the person that made or the restraining order is made in honor of until after there is a trail and final decision is made, but what if the person makes threats? Why wait for something like this to happen when it can and should be prevented. It could have been, might be, or maybe one day will be your daughter, cousin, sister, niece, best friend or even your mother but what safety and comfort are they given in this position, just a piece of paper until something else happens. All we want and ask is to have the restraining order to provide more of a security for the victims, in which if the person who the order is against threatens, that they are picked up for the protection of our people. Never be afraid to take action against anything no matter what threats are made to you, if you believe in it do it. If something happens to you then just remember that everything happens for a reason.




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