Just because it is served free of cost, can CHUTNEYS impose bottles water on customers??

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The Hyderabad based famous vegetarian restaurant CHUTNEYS which has more than half a dozen branches just in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, and with branches all over Telengana and Andhra pradesh, is the largest user and disposer of mineral water bottles. 

We call it the largest disposer of 500ml mineral water bottles because they insist that you drink only that water and refuse to serve you regular filtered or reverse osmosis  (RO) water in reusable glasses. 

When we request for regular water their answer with pride is that they are actually  free and on the house. So we should not even contemplate complaining about their generosity. 


Considering that they have about 30000 customers every 12 hours just in Hyderabad  it's shocking to see the number of bottles used and the hazard to the environment, with over 100 thousand bottles  per day and amounting to 3.65 crore whopping amount of bottles every year. This is for just this year. Next year may be more. 


In this time and age when we are victims to multiple diseases and getting more and more vulnerable to various ailments due to environmental degradation, it is criminal to be adding this kind of non bio degradable material to the earth and further aggravating  the situation. 

It is but our moral responsibility and basic duty to cut down on all dangerous materials and be more mindful and conscious of  our actions and the subsequent repercussions and do what is most needed for conservation of the environment for our next generations. 


Hence this petition is to urge the concerned authorities to take necessary action against use of one time plastics by making it mandatory for restaurants to serve regular filter/RO water to the clients and give them the choice of their consumption and not Insist on serving ONLY bottled water much against their wishes.