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Mental Health Awareness at CCCSD

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Every day, children and teenagers are bullied for the neurodiverse way they might act.

Every day, teenagers and teachers commonly use words like ¨OCD¨ and "Bipolar¨ as simple adjectives when kids face those words as serious issues.

Every day, depressed adolescents suffer in silence.

These are just some of the problems CCCSD has regarding mental health. Churchville needs to help their mentally ill students, and try their best to remove the stigma most students and teachers seem to have around the issue.

In general, America has a rampant stigma against mental health. It is seen as disingenuous, attention seeking, or that those who suffer from it are crazy. Just changing school policies could be a step in the right direction for the United States.

Fact: 1 in 5 teens suffer from some kind of mental illness, now, or some point in their lives. This is about 20 percent. Teens suffer mostly from anxiety disorders, and depression.

Despite this, Churchville-Chili School District does not talk about mental health, other than a few posters last year about depression, but those were scarce. I believe education is the best way to promote understanding and create a healthy environment for kids with any mental issues. 

I suggest Churchville should:

  • Hold assemblies to teach children about the types of mental disorders and what they mean (i.e. that OCD does not mean orderly and wanting things in place and depression isn't just feeling sad) Mental illness should not be trivialized as an adjective.
  • Take action when kids with mental disorders are bullied for being different, rather than having teachers and students sit back and watch, or laugh.
  • Create a better outreach program for students suffering from severe mental illness (such as a club for kids with anxiety disorders to talk to each other, or really anything like that for anyone with a mental illness)
  • Don't only focus on depression; keep everyone educated on all mental illness such as bipolar disorder I and II, OCD, GAD, PTSD, schizophrenia, autism, ADHD, asperger's, etc. But, depression is very important as well.
  • Promote appropriate language. Maybe down instead of depression, maybe neat instead of OCD. Maybe moody instead of bipolar, maybe unruly instead of psycho.
  • Help remove the discrimination of students with autism by other students. A lot of this goes around, especially with demeaning jokes, and it is by no means funny. 

If Churchville would like, I am willing to help them with this. Consulting with students is the best way to reform a school.

You can sign this if you go to school, work at the school, live in the community, or even none of the above. One small step for one school is a giant leap for mental health in America.

I would like to bring this to the Board of Education on June 13th, 2017. Please come if you feel passionately about this issue, even if you do not have any mental illness.

Treat the mentally ill with dignity, respect, and provide help for mentally ill students. Health is not just physical.

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