Help save our Parish Church of Holy Trinity Luton

Help save our Parish Church of Holy Trinity Luton

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bill grant
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The Church of Holy Trinity Luton has been established now for the past 152 years.

The Parish is currently under scrutiny and could possibly be amalgamated with other Parishes and this Parish will lose its status as a Parish Church. This would have serious consequences on all who worship at the church, for the love of its history, close family ties, its physical beauty and tradition and above all its Spiritual life. It is a traditional and historical gem in the midst of our brothers and sisters of other faiths. We are a Mission and Ministry Parish with boundless potential, an oasis of love and charity in this region, it is a sanctuary for saints where purity reigns and a hospital for sinners where everyone is welcome.

We would really appreciate your help and support for this much loved church, if you could please SIGN our Petition to the Church Commissioners. A successful petition will give a new lease of life to the Parish and all who worship here. An unsuccessful petition will have devastating effects on its worshippers, Parishioners and its Priest.

On a personal level our priest and his family in-fact would be left homeless.

We would be forever indebted to you for your Support. Thank you