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Church boils lobsters & roasts pigs . . . WWJD?

 St.Thomas Episcopal Church tolerates hypocrisy, cruelty and apathy for suffering. Lobsterfest 18 marks the 18th year this church charades as a god loving/serving house of worship. Rather it becomes a house of gluttony where parishioners and others gather to feast on the flesh of animals. Lobsters are bottom feeders in the ocean, which means they eat any and everything and those who eat lobster do so at their own peril. Their other choice is the factory farm pig which was growth enhanced to slaughter weight by the growth hormones and antibiotics added to their feed. We are what we eat has never been more obvious. Over-weight, sick humans will be seen parading into the church to gorge themselves on disgusting un-healthy flesh of decaying animals.   Church should be contacted and challenged for exploiting other sentient species to benefit the human species.  256 880-0247  This is what slavery is all about.  WWJD?  

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