Keep My Brother's Killer Locked Up

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It's almost been 2 years since the death of my brother and life has been flipped upside down since. I try not to go to the court hearings because I don't want to see evidence I can't unsee since it was a very brutal case. My uncle went to one and couldn't mention anything, but I could see the pain in his eyes. The next court date for my brother's murder is in 2 days ( April 27, 2017) and the DA just told my mom that there is a deal being made that there is a chance Saul Orozco will be given the possibility of parole. 

I've been living my life in fear; constant flight or fight mode in fear that I will be killed at anytime. I don't feel safe in the world, and not even in my own home, since this all happened in our own home. It's not fair to our family that we have to live in constant fear of the worst happening, of getting killed, and especially having to live without my little brother, and the so called 'justice' being served to a MURDER is the possibility of parole. This sick person gets to get off and live his life and possibly have kids and be with his family, while we have to live with the fact that Carlitos was taken from us at the age of 18. My brother had just graduated welding school and was ready to accomplish so much with his life. It especially isn't fair to him. It's not fair to my mother and father that they have to live the rest of their lives with their youngest gone, and this guy gets to keep living guilt free. 

We are living a nightmare and it's about to get worse if this guy is able to walk away a free man. How will I be able to reassure my 4month old son that bad people can't get away with murder? How can anyone feel safe being around someone that has had the thirst to kill in the past ? This is my last hope to get some justice served on April 27, 2017.

Please sign this to show support in KEEPING Saul Orozco Locked up in prison for life. 

If he can so very easily take someone's life, then he shouldn't mind giving up his own .