More Rights for Long-Term Cohabiting Couples

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My partner and I were in an extremely close and loving relationship for 10 years. We were soulmates & loved each other dearly, did almost everything together and everyone said we "came as a pair". I thought we would have at least another 15-20 years together. Sadly he took his life in May 2017 after suffering with depression and anxiety for the 2 years prior.  I did everything in my power to get him the help he needed, but sadly this was not always forthcoming in the mental health services.

As he took his life he did not make a will. The property we lived in was in his sole name. I am now facing extreme financial hardship & ill health through stress. His family are administrators of the estate, as this is the law as it stands. I could not work for the first 6 months, could claim nothing from the state except for Universal Credit (no housing benefit) as I am now not "next of kin" and am facing potential homelessness and am working full-time so I can pay the bills.  It goes without saying I also could not receive any bereavement benefits or anything which would be afforded to married couples.  I have to work (I am paid by the hour) and find it mentally and physically exhausting at times as I am also battling with this severe loss but have to "wear a mask" a lot in order to do my job.

I live in London and cannot afford to rent here. The law needs to change. It is extremely archaic and unfair that this is all because we did not get married, but in all other respects we lived as husband and wife.  Please back this petition.  Thank you very much!!! Julie