Protect Legal Family Immigration

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Family values are the moral bedrock of our immigrant nation. Recent efforts to rename family immigration “chain migration,” an altogether scarier sounding name that suggests that families are somehow a burden to America, should be rejected outright for the racism it is. Strong families are not, and never will be, a burden on our nation or its peoples.

The recent efforts to undermine legal family immigration to our great land are a two-pronged attack on the values that built the United States of America into the nation we love today. Nowhere in the Bible nor any other text of any world religion will you find support for dividing families. Doing so is universally regarded to be a monstrous act.

No man or woman should ever have to choose between their loyalty to the United States of America and caring for their family. To force such a choice, as is being proposed in Washington, is an assault on the dignity of first generation Americans and an attack on the moral compass of every American.

Please stand with us in rejecting these racist and immoral attacks on American family values aimed at our newest and most vulnerable American residents and citizens.

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