Democratic congressman should not be paid until they end the shutdown they voted for!

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The Democratic members of Congress have shut down the government purely to benefit 800,000 undocumented immigrants.  They have for the benifit of this small group of people have traded hundreds of thousands of Americans to not be paid or take care of their American families.   This means Government employees and the military wont be paid , American Vets wont receive services and oh of course Shumer and Pelosi are now one of the few government employees that still are paid.  The following government departments are now shut down

Commerce, except National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Energy. Functions that oversee the safety of the nation's nuclear arsenal, dams and transmission lines remain open.
Environmental Protection Agency.
Food and Drug Administration.
Health and Human Services.
Housing and Urban Development.
Interior, including National Parks. (The Department of Interior announced on January 19, 2018, that parks will remain open despite a shutdown.)
Internal Revenue Service.
Labor, including Bureau of Labor Statistics.
National Institute of Health.


The "Schumer Shutdown" shows that democrats feel unless you are undocumented you no longer have value and shouldn't be able to take care of your families and your family's well being should be sacrificed for those who broke the law.  We can not take care of their families because they want to pass a "Clean DACA" bill which they refuse to compromise on and refuse to secure our border. While I originally supported a pathway to citizenship for the 700,000 Dreamers, if this comes at the cost of Americans not getting paid and being able to take care of our families.  I can't afford to support this.  It seems the democrats have forgotten the 420,000,000 Americans who depend on the federal government who we pay taxes to fund programs for our military and Vets.  Since they have forgotten about helping Americans we must remember this on election day.  Since the Dems have decided we shouldn't pay our mortgages and take care of our families they shouldn't receive a paycheck till we do.  We should also be sure to remember this on election day.  All of the democrats that jeopardized the well being of American families for the benefit of NON Americans should be voted out!

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