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Change the child support and custody laws in Iowa for equal rights towards parents

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As the laws currently read--the Mother's are favored across the board on all custody and child support arrangements. Iowa is having Father's who share 50/50 custody, still paying an outrageous amount of child support to the Mother's based on income of each party; while also having to fight and defend for equal parenting time. The intent with child support is to support the child(ren), not subsidize and maintain the lifestyle of one parent or the other.

The law should read as automatic 50/50 custody and split costs for the child. I am petitioning that no child support should be paid in any 50/50 custody cases and that 50/50 is the default in all custody cases, as that is what is in the best interest of the child, unless proven otherwise. Iowa should not stand for such mistreatment towards the Fathers of our community. The change needs to happen now, before more children grow up without equal time spent and loved by both parents. In what way do our current laws have the best interest of the children? People are being treated unfairly in current custody cases and the outcome from our broken judicial system is causing them to gain resentment and tension towards the other party. Which isn't good for the children at hand to experience or the co-parenting relationship. 

It is criminal that for example, one Father who wants primary custody, but understands that 50/50 is fair, still has to pay monthly child support. If that isn't illogical enough, the Mother chooses to not have an income, which effects the child support amount-mind you, and she also lives off of State aid. You tell me how that is not enabling women, when they get funding from the State, and Child Support that is well above the means that a child should cost. The default of "every other weekend and two weeks in the summer" needs to be dismissed and EQUAL RIGHTS FOR PARENTS needs to become the standard. Please sign the petition for better standards for Iowa parents and their rights to their own children. 


Thank you! 

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