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Have you heard of the words"Chemtrail" and "Contrails" mentioned  by a friend or family member?? There is a HUGE difference between the two words.  This petition is to educate and hopefully stop "Chemtrails" lingering over our skies, eventually turning our blue skies into a grey cloudy haze within a day or less. Over last year or more, I have been learning about these trails of "smoke" that do not go away.  Over a rapid period of time these trails of "smoke", left behind in some airplanes are now being identified as "CHEMTRAILS", expand considerably in our skies above us. This is not a typical result of an ordinary commercial airline.  Studies have clarified that these trails are meant to remain in our skies and confirmed to be a big "project" performed by our government agencies and armed forces.  These projects utilize the mixture of barium salts in the atmosphere and involves weather control. It is a project of the AIR Force and utilizes concepts of radio frequency radiation, developed originally by legendary scientist Nikola Tesla, against the ionosphere above the Earth. Known as the HAARP project, it is manipulating life-support systems in the environment, testing and altering them for military advantage. Air Force documents, obtained by the independent researchers, indicate that "the risks are high but the rewards are worth it." The mixture of barium salts, supporting moisture, is administered along the weather fronts and manipulated in a controlled fashion. It is believed that microwave energy is also utilized in the weather control program. Weather data is also a required input to the VTRPE program of the RFMP system. Perfect weather control technology will enable the military to withhold rain, cause floods, cause drought, cause storms, withhold sunshine, damage food crops, and bring any country to its knees without firing a shot.  Another reason for these CHEMTRAILS has to do with an atmospheric project that is being run by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as a means to detect and decontaminate enemy biological attacks. The program also utilizes a mixture of barium salts as the base vehicle in aerosol, along with special polymer fibers. The combination allows detection of biological agents. Some biological agents have actually been released into the atmosphere in trials, testing the detection and decontamination systems. It is believed that barium salt, polymer fiber sand other chemicals in the atmosphere are the physical irritants that may be directly or indirectly responsible for unexplained nose bleeds, asthma,allergies, pneumonia, upper respiratory ailments and arthritis-like systems. Chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere are producing air and ground conditions that may be harmful to humans and animals, while stimulating the growth of molds and bacteria. Barium salts, an Earth metal, are toxins that absorb readily into the gastrointestinal tract which are deposited into muscles and other tissue. The presence of Aluminum, Barium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Titanium in the air over a part of the United States is now formally documented, in as reliable a way as is available to an ordinary American citizen.

 What Is Barium?

In order to understand how serious barium poisoning is, we need first to understand what barium is in the first place. Barium is a heavy metal that naturally occurs in the environment. It is silvery white in appearance.

  Barium is valuable in many industries that make use of heavy metal because it can remove traces of oxygenin some chemical compounds. It also increases the luster of glass. However,barium is explosive and can react violently when mixed with water. Also, it cannot be digested by the body; barium can be poisonous if the amount the body contains exceeds tolerable levels.

Symptoms of Barium Poisoning to Look For

When barium accumulates in the body,it usually affects the functions of the nervous system. Barium poisoning displays symptoms that are similar to flu, which is why it is not strange to find the condition mis-diagnosed as flu. Common symptoms of barium poisoning include:

1. Muscle weakness and tremors

2. Difficulty in breathing

3. Stomach irritations accompanied by diarrhea

4. Anxiety

5. Cardiac irregularities such as abnormally high blood pressure and rapid heart beat

6. Paralysis

7.  Alterations in nerve reflexes

8.  Damage to your brain, liver, kidney and heart

  Effects of Paralysis

The effects of paralysis will depend upon its severity, as well as what parts of the body it affects. Depending upon the severity of the paralysis as well as its underlying causes, it can affect the arms, legs, arms and legs, or trunk. Paralysis can present on the right side or the left side of the body, or it can present unilaterally. Paralysis caused by damage to the nervous system can affect the nerves carrying sensory information, as well as the nerves which control the heart, lungs, glands, and intestines. When paralysis is caused by damage to the brain, speech, behavior,and cognitive ability can also be affected.

 Indirect Effects of Paralysis

  Because paralysis causes immobility, it has a rather significant effect on the other systems in the body. These include:

Changes to circulation and respiration

Changes to the kidneys and gastro intestinal system

Changes to muscles, joints, and bones Spasticity of the limbs Muscle spasms, Pressure sores, Edema Blood clots in the lower limbs, Feelings of numbness or pain, Skin injury, Bacterial infection, Disruption of the normal working of the tissues, glands, and organs. Constipation, Loss of control of urination, Sexual difficulties, Abnormal sweating, Abnormal breathing or heart rate, Balance problems, Difficulty thinking, Behavioral issues, Difficulty speaking or swallowing, Vision problems.

 Barium was first identified in 1774 by Carl Scheele and first extracted by Sir Humphrey Davy of England in 1808. Since then, different forms of barium have been widely used in the manufacture of countless products:

Paint , Tile , Glass , Rubber, Textiles ,  Electronics , Paper , Soap , Linoleum  , Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals , Spark plugs, Vacuum tubes , Fireworks, Fluorescent lamps , Rat poison 

  Aluminum Poisoning

 The primary side-effect or "wake-up call" that indicates aluminum has intoxicated the brain is a very serious condition called HYPERSENSITIVITY. It is progressive, and if it is left untreated it can escalate into irrational anger and displays of violence.


*Heightened sensitivity to light or darkness.

*Abnormal sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. 

*An aversion to noise, touch, movement, odors, etc.

*Unexplained feelings of apprehension or uneasiness.

 *Feelings of inferiority, embarrassment or shame.

 *Feelings of irritability, agitation or annoyance.


-Breathing disorders

-Bowel and urinary dysfunction (incontinence)

-Cardiac complications (including congestive heart failure)

-Fatigue (extreme exhaustion)

-Eye disorders

-Ear disorders, including hearing loss


-Immune dysfunction

-Motor tics (involuntary muscle twitches)

-Muscle weakness

-Organ dysfunction (pancreas, thyroid, etc.)

-Parkinsonian symptoms (AD-related)

-Sleep disorders

The only way we are going to cause the disruption of these ongoing projects and experiments, on our family and friends without our consent, is to let our voice be heard.  The law has been tilted to favor their agendas and "We The People" have GIVEN the government our consent according to their 'implied consent' law.  The 'implied consent' law gives freedom to our government's agenda to do anything they choose until "We The People" stand up and let our voice be heard by saying "No, we do not consent to being sprayed by CHEMTRAILS anymore." Learn more about implied consent by learning the differences between the Admiralty Law , Roman Civil Law , and Common Law.  All 3 of these different platforms of Law are practiced in our courtrooms because we do not know our laws and principles that incriminate us simply by NOT KNOWING the basics of these laws and how to use these laws for our benefit.  Believe it or not, our behavior of working so much for whatever reason each person has, whether it is to get out of debt or to get rich, helped create these 'behind the scene' implied consent practices by the very same people elected into our government.  We Have To Say No!  It starts right here, right now, with your signature.  I will be sending this petition to our Representative Chuck Flieschman.  Do you know anyone in your family or circle of friends that have experienced the symptoms listed above, occuring in your lifetime or in a faster timeframe?  Help yourself and loved ones by letting your voice be heard.  The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword!  Thank yourself after signing. Please take the time to visit a few out of many websites and videos below for more info and thank you for your time. 

Walter Henry

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