Petition to Keep 8 hour shifts for Chuan Park Security Guards

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Petition to Keep 8 hour shifts for Chuan Park Security Guards

Dear Chuan Park Owners and Residents:

This petition seeks your support to voice concerns to the management of Chuan Park regarding the introduction on 1st July of a mandatory 12 hour shift for security guards.

The Chuan Park security guards are cheerful, hardworking and professional and are currently working 8-hour shifts, on a rotating day/night basis. Some of us have noted that from 1st July 2019, management is introducing a new 12-hour shift on the same rotating night/day basis.

A 12-hour shift is tough at any age, especially when expected on a rotating day/night. Human health at any age requires time to adjust from day to night time shift work. In these circumstances, even 8 hour shifts are challenging but our loyal security guards handle it.

If introduced as planned, there is concern amongst a number of Chuan Park Owners and Residents that the new 12-hour shift will force our current security guards to either exhaust themselves further or leave Chuan Park for employment elsewhere.

Whatever happens, a number of us feel that it is a sub-optimal outcome. Exhausted security guards are not able to perform to the best of their ability and if they leave, management will be forced to employ new guards or external agency security service. We will lose our loyal and friendly guards who are currently with us which we think is a shame for everyone.

My family and I feel safe and secure in the knowledge that the Chuan Park security guards are on duty. The guards know each and every truck, car and person entering and leaving Chuan Park grounds: these men are cheerful, hardworking and I have never once seen them sleeping on duty. I know many of you share similar thoughts regardless of your family circumstances.

We acknowledge that the management of Chuan Park must have certain reasons for wanting to introduce this change and we respect that they are entrusted to manage such matters as they see fit. However, we also think that they need to hear our voice on this matter now.

Please join me in showing your support for the Chuan Park guards to keep their 8-hour shift by signing this petition … in doing so you’ll continue to keep Chuan Park residents and property in safe and caring hands.


Michael Fredrickson (Block 240 01-11)

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