Zyahna Bryant For Student Council Executive President

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Hello, My name is Zyahna Bryant and I am currently the 11th grade class president at Charlottesville High School. While serving as the Class president for the class of 2019 for the past 3 years, I have learned a lot about how we, as students, can create lasting change within our school and community. 

Here is a little bit about why I am running, and what I plan to do if I am re-elected. 

Why I’m Running

  My goal as a student organizer has always been to address the needs of all people and students, especially those who are most marginalized. I believe that our school is made up of students who are engaged, aware, and ready create lasting change; and now, we need to strengthen the organizing efforts needed to propel that change. We know that Charlottesville High School  is a very diverse school community, and I want every student to feel genuinely comfortable regardless of sexual orientation, gender, socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity, and language. This is our time to make lasting change that will help everyone in our student body reach their full potential.


My biggest goals for the 2018-2019 School Year

Establish a “student town hall” system
This includes quarterly town halls where students are able to come address their concerns that they have in the school.

2. Create Student Council Committees

The committees will be for the sake of keeping us organized and on-task. In addition to meeting with individual classes, the officers will meet with their designated committees 1-2 times each month.

This is all a part of an effort to promote transparency from Student councilors and raise levels of engagement and interaction with the general student body.

In theory, there would be committees for the many responsibilities of SCA- including things like- Communications, Student Events (planning), and Community Outreach.

Every councilor would be involved with helping out with these events and committee activities, but this is a more organized structure that would enable student council to multitask, effectively.

3. Create Student Council Quarterly Reports

   I believe that we should be open and honest about the things we do as a council. Many of the councils that I am a part of, operate under a system of reporting back at the end of each year/council cycle. The quarterly report will give council the chance to showcase our progress, while students have the ability to hold us accountable as their representatives.

I strongly believe that we should also take the time to collaborate and build/strengthen relationships with other student clubs and organizations.

***Please Note that this petition is for CHS students only, and it is not a vote. Each student who is seeking candidacy must collect 50 signatures from the student body.***

Please consider voting for Zyahna Bryant on Tuesday,  May 8th, during BKT! (Students from all four grades are able to vote for Executive officers.)

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