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We Want Canada Out of NATO

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We want Canexit from NATO.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an obsolete organization involved in murder, terrorism, regime change and imperialist domination.

NATO was founded in 1949, supposedly to promote democracy, liberty and the rule of law. It has done exactly the opposite; destabilizing the former Yugoslavia, the Middle East, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine and trying to provoke war with Russia. These campaigns violate international law and have only promoted chaos, terrorism, undermining democracy and individual liberty.

NATO is used by the military-industrial complex to sell arms for corporations and the wealthy. Canada recently sold arms to Saudi Arabia, a country that sponsors terrorism and is killing Yemenis.

NATO serves the interests of the global elite; attacking countries and groups opposed to their plans for global hegemony.

NATO is led by the United States, an imperialist country which caused the death of more then a million Iraqis, sponsored terrorists in Syria and Libya. The US supports Israeli apartheid and the Saudi-led war on Yemen. The US is now led by Donald Trump, a neo-fascist, obsessed with militarism and nuclear weapons.

Canada needs to break with imperialism and pull out of NATO. Canada has no business interfering in the internal affairs of other countries.

We want Canada to pursue an independent foreign policy that promotes peace, disarmament and international cooperation.

Canada out of NATO!

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