End Savage Repression in Nicaragua.

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The Honourable, Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada: 

This week, my husband, who is South Korean, will be attending a citizenship ceremony as the last step in becoming a Canadian citizen. I am so grateful and proud to be Canadian but cannot help but to be deeply concerned with the current situation in my native Nicaragua. My entire extended family still resides there and they are scared for their lives as the situation continues to deteriorate. As a Nicaraguan Canadian, I urge you to make a statement to denounce the abuse of power being orchestrated by Nicaragua’s corrupt leader, Daniel Ortega and all those who support him.

People are dying, innocent people who are within their right to protest the atrocities that this government has committed and the mistakes that he continues to make. Please, I urge you to let my fellow Nicaraguans know that you do not condone what President Ortega is trying to accomplish, which is to rule by fear and crush anyone who stands in the way. What is happening in Nicaragua does not represent a democracy, and it is time, for Canada, to make a statement.

I came to Canada, with my family, when I was four years old and my parents achieved their goal of providing their children with a better life here. I am a teacher, and I have the privilege of teaching in a school with a very high ESL population. The stories of my students inspire me and serve as a reminder that peace is not something we should take for granted.

Please, I implore you, Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs,  to speak on behalf of Canadians and address those whose voices and lives are being threatened. Let Nicaragua know, that as a country, we are aware of the injustice that they are fighting and that we stand with them against injustice. Call for the government to put an end to military and police brutality, call for an end to the mistakes of our past and for a move towards peace. The people of Nicaragua need to know that their cries are not going unheard, let them know that Canada hears them loud and clear!