It's time Canada stands up to #StopSaudiOil

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Right now, Canada imports $300 million of Saudi oil every month.

Canada is a nation built on democracy, diversity, equality, safety, social justice and environmental protection. If the Trudeau government expects Canada to follow these standards, why don’t they expect the countries we import oil from to do the same?

By importing oil from Saudi Arabia, Canada is essentially funding misogyny, homophobia, and the murder of journalists.

This needs to end. It’s time to #StopSaudiOil.

Canada has its own oil. We don’t need to buy oil from Saudi Arabia.

Over the last 10 years, Canada has spent $20.9 billion on Saudi crude while neglecting our own oil. Without the necessary infrastructure Canada is forced to import oil from countries like Saudi Arabia. As Canadians lose out on economic growth, Saudi Arabia’s elite gets richer. This needs to end. It’s time to #StopSaudiOil.

Canada needs modern energy infrastructure. New pipelines will give us access to new markets and we will no longer need to rely on foreign oil.

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