IBD Disablity Benefits

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1.6 millon people suffer from some form of IBD weather that be Chrons Disease, Ulcerative Colitis etc, the lifetime treatment of someone with IBD amounts to the same as someone with Cancer or Diabetes, yet so many people are unaware of such conditions.

So what makes this a disablity?

There are so many side effects that having IBD causes, this is a chronic illness that has NO CURE, Medication also causes side effects, here are a few normal day to day conditions we have to live with..Constant visits to the bathroom.Weight gain & weight loss.Not makkng it to the toilet in time.Having to pre plan any outings, to plan routes that are close to restrooms.Mood swingsDepressionBrittle hair/nails/bones & teeth,Anemia,Arthritis, Chronic fatigue, liver disease,kidney stones & many more.

The biggest battle is our Disability is invisible, just because we are not in a wheelchair it doesn't mean we are not disabled our biggest battle is people not understanding our condition because we don't look disabled it dosent mean we are not despite our can't wait card or the use of a radar key some people are ignorant to this auto immune disorder.

I am petitioning for people with IBD to be allowed the use of blue badges (this makes it easy for us to get to the toilet as a lot of the disabled parking bays are located closer to the entrance of a shop or supermarket) also for the freedom to use PIP personal independence payment, because we don't look disabled or ill so many people are denied this, even though we have a diblitating incurable disease, which ruins our lives, some of us are worst than others lime any Disability not everyone is the same

Thankyou for reading my petiton, please sign & make a difference to thousands of lives.