Stop drug addiction

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Say no to illegal drugs! For the sake of every Filipino's living in this country, this bad things may lead us in danger, do you really want one of your family member or relatives suffer in this kind of things? We all known that illegal drugs doesn't give and good benefit in our life, maybe, it will take a lives. Because in the increasing rate of killing in the philippines because on the war on drugs here's some details that will show the rate of killings and arresting in war on drugs.

The police also visited houses as part of its “Project Tokhang,” which involves police officers going around communities across the country in order to persuade suspected drug users to submit themselves to a drug rehabilitation program.

Dont let more people died because of this, don't let them to misguide and do a bad things that might cause injuries not only on us but maybe in others too. See? Do you really want to happen to you on what happened to them? Do you care for other peoples sake? So help them and say no to illegal drugs!